ICEC is able to grow through donors like you

ICEC is a non-profit organization that pours everything we have into providing the best possible therapy for our clients. We are able to continue our growth through the generosity of those who donate their time, energy and resources. We are so grateful to every individual and organization who has helped us continue our mission.

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Grants In Action

With a remarkable $36,000 donation from the Decorative Arts Society, our clinic now boasts new storage, ensuring enhanced organization and easy accessibility. We are grateful for their support in enabling us to create a more efficient and effective environment for the benefit of those we treat.

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Every Donation Makes a Difference

All donations, no matter the amount, help us on our mission to provide the highest quality services to lcoal families. Our ability to purchase assistive technology, play equipment, and cleaning supplies is all made possible by our amazing donors.

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Many of our programs and services are made possible through our donors. We accept monetary donations as well as toys, cleaning supplies and volunteer time. You can find toys and clothing available for our families in our clinic any time. We also utilize the generosity of our volunteers and donors to put on community events such as our holiday and spring block parties.

Here is what just a handful of the wonderful things our families have said about us.

The family environment, the staff KNOWS our children!
EIP Family
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I love that everyone makes us so at home..I love that Paisely gets to be around other kids like her and being around parents that are going through the same things. I love having the parent group to hear and talk about what everyone goes through.
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"The leaps and growth he has made since attending group has been significant. His interaction with other kids and even adults has also improved. It’s been so rewarding to see the growth he has made in less than a year! This place is pure magic and the people in it are the ones who make it all happen."
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ICEC is special to us because they treat our son like a human with needs beyond therapy. They listen and are mindful of his cues. They truly know him, are patient with him and genuinely want to see him succeed. I love that all therapist communicate and brainstorm ways to help him continue to grow and move forward.
Aiden's Parents
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I knew from the moment I walked in that I was going to love this program.
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The people who help our kids and love what they do.
Parent @ Parent's Night Out
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“ICEC is full of very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They were very thorough with answering all the questions I had and provided me with tips and activities I can try at home. As a first time parent, ICEC gave me the support and confidence to raise my daughter without second guessing myself. They helped achieve all her goals and allowed her to make new friends during the process. I am so grateful to have chosen ICEC to help my daughter. Thank you!”
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I knew from the moment I walked in that I was going to love this program.

Jackie Rama was devastated when she learned that her unborn daughter had serious health issues, but as a former special education teacher, she knew how special these kids were. After the birth of Bailey, a visitor encouraged Jackie to contact the Intervention Center for Early Childhood (ICEC), which provides therapy for special needs children and their families. Through the program, Bailey has made significant progress, and Jackie has gained invaluable knowledge and support from the dedicated therapists and other parents.

Cayley & Philip MacDonald
McBeth Foundation
Gatherer Family Foundation
Decorative Arts Society
Pacific Life Foundation
Our Little Light Foundation
Emelco Foundation
Kenneth Fox
Adele Fowler
Nancy Losey
Susan Cathey (Union)
Sidney Stern Memorial Foundation
Mark Humphreys
Steve Kuntz
Pam and Craig Alexander
Laurie & Marc Glickman
Curtis Family Charitable Foundation
Richard & Sharon Scott
United Way of Dallas
Fred Judd
Renee & David Adams
Petra & Joachim Fischer
Guy Bonas
David and Marsha Willis
Brian & Dianne Daucher
Bradford Hoover
Shelly & Joshua Clark
National Charity League Inc. Irvine Chapter
KTGY Group, Inc

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